Nooker. 動物森友會攻略 / 動森圖鑑  APK MOD (UNLOCK/Unlimited Money) Download

Nooker. 動物森友會攻略 / 動森圖鑑 APK MOD (UNLOCK/Unlimited Money) Download

Description of Nooker. 動物森友會攻略 / 動森圖鑑

Nooker. 動物森友會攻略 / 動森圖鑑 APK MOD (UNLOCK/Unlimited Money) Download集合高達千種道具與 400 位村民,160 種昆蟲與魚類,還有更多資訊與功能等您來發掘!

設有推播功能與文章教學,新的更新與新的技巧、知識,Nooker 一知道就馬上告訴您!


。目錄掃描 – 快速匯入你的動森資料
。村民(高達 400 位村民的口頭禪、種族、個性、房屋照片)
。DIY 方程式(幾百種的方程式與材料及取得方式)


Nooker 是由粉絲為 集合啦!動物森友會 製作的非官方應用程式,與Pokemon品牌,Niantic,Pokemon Go,任天堂沒有任何關聯。
Assemble thousands of props and 400 villagers, 160 insects and fishes, and more information and functions waiting for you to discover!

With push function and article teaching, new updates and new skills and knowledge, Nooker will tell you as soon as you know it!

Detailed classification:

. Directory Scan-Quickly import your Dongsen data
. Vegetable market exchange
. Artwork appraisal
. Island Information
. Special flower mating
. Villagers (mantra, race, personality, house photos of up to 400 villagers)
. Rutabaga price prediction (various wave types and charts)
. Fish
. insect
. Marine life
. fossil
. plant
. expression
. Tools (including the number of uses you might want to know)
. DIY equations (hundreds of equations, materials and methods of obtaining them)
. Clothing (nine parts, thousand styles)
. Furniture (nearly thousands of small objects, furniture, wall hangings waiting for you to discover)
. record shop
. Raccoon
. House upgrade


Nooker is gathered by fans! An unofficial application produced by the Animal Crossing Club, which has no connection with the Pokemon brand, Niantic, Pokemon Go, or Nintendo.
Nooker. 向您報告最新更新:

1. 新增「蒐集進度」(即舊版蒐集箱)
2. 新增每日任務(含2.0預設項目與可新增自訂項目)
3. 新增近期生日村民
4. 篩選新增更多條件(須重設資料庫快取)
5. 優化森友會攻略畫面
6. 部分物品取得方式現在會顯示多個來源(若有的話)
7. 在森友會攻略的狀態可選擇顯示「超過一個」的擁有項目
8. 清單匯出新增資料來源「擁有超過N個」
9. 條件篩選多處bug修正
10. 不再強制設定「夢境編號」與「好友代碼」
11. 新增更多村民資料顯示


App Information of Nooker. 動物森友會攻略 / 動森圖鑑

App Name Nooker. 動物森友會攻略 / 動森圖鑑
Package Name
Installs 10,000+

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