機動戰隊 Iron Saga – 繁體版  2.38.3 APK MOD (Unlimited Money) Download

機動戰隊 Iron Saga – 繁體版 2.38.3 APK MOD (Unlimited Money) Download

10.0 (2373)Games, Strategy

Description of 機動戰隊 Iron Saga - 繁體版

機動戰隊 Iron Saga – 繁體版 2.33.5 APK MOD (UNLOCK/Unlimited Money) Download原創機器人大戰作品《機動戰隊》,特邀請日本知名音樂人【澤野弘之】擔當OP、ED、BGM配樂。著名動畫導演、機械設計師【大張正己】擔當機甲設計以及PV動畫監督。彙集中日韓著名畫師與知名聲優參與製作。超過500種機甲和角色、超過十萬種戰鬥組合、百變遊戲模式、流暢的戰鬥體驗和炫麗的技能特效令人著迷!熱血與休閒並存,激情和佛系同在,機動戰隊帶給你最獨有的機戰滿足感!

【業界頂級大師 原創機戰IP】
用誠意做遊戲,用心做音樂。我們特別邀請了知名作曲家、編曲家【澤野弘之】先生(代表作: 機動戰士鋼彈UC、罪惡王冠、進擊的巨人等)擔當OP、ED、BGM配樂。著名動畫師、動畫監督、機械設定師【大張正己】(代表作: 弾劾凰,超級機器人大戰,鋼彈創鬥者系列,機動戰士鋼彈 鐵血孤兒等動畫)擔當機甲設計與以及PV動畫監督。

【獨一無二操作 戰鬥即時演算】
擁有獨家即時戰鬥系統,隨心所欲進行指尖上的戰鬥! 從細微慣性系統到爽快全彈射擊,從規避致命傷害到予測敵方致命一擊,讓指揮官們仿佛置身瞬息萬變的戰場,你可以帶領小隊策略戰鬥,也可以自己單打獨鬥,靈活的操作給你不一樣的戰鬥體驗!

【人機隨意組合 超越萬種可能】

【多種遊戲模式 酣暢軍團對抗】

【百位機師 個性皮膚自由更換】

【豪華中日聲優 全明星製作陣容】
位中日韓著名畫師參與制作、中日知名聲優傾情獻聲!由雨宮 天、安済 知佳、池田 秀一、石川 由依、井上 麻里奈、上坂 堇、内田 真礼、大西 沙織、小倉 唯、茅野 愛衣、川澄 綾子、喜多村 英梨、釘宮 理恵、子安 武人、斎藤 千和、佐倉 綾音、杉田 智和、鈴村 健一、千本木 彩花、竹達 彩奈、田村 由香里、東山 奈央、戸松 遥、長繩 麻理亞、中村 悠一、能登 麻美子、花澤 香菜、早見 沙織、福圓 美里、福原 綾香、藤田 茜、堀江 由衣、水樹 奈々、安野 希世乃、悠木 碧、尤加奈 等,共同组成超百余人的全明星雙語聲優陣容。



遊戲公國 把握此刻休閒時光
Seize the free time
The original robot warfare work “Mobile Team” specially invites the famous Japanese musician [Hiroshi Sawa] to play the soundtrack of OP, ED and BGM. The famous animation director and mechanical designer [Zhang Zhangji] is responsible for mecha design and PV animation supervision. Bring together famous artists from China, Japan and South Korea and famous voice actors to participate in the production. More than 500 mechas and characters, more than 100,000 combat combinations, a variety of game modes, smooth combat experience and dazzling skills and special effects are fascinating! Blood and leisure coexist, passion and Buddha are together, the mobile team brings you the most Unique satisfaction of machine warfare!

[The industry’s top masters original machine war IP]
Play games with sincerity and music with heart. We specially invited well-known composer and arranger Mr. Hiroyuki Sawa (representative works: Mobile Suit Gundam UC, Crown of Sin, Attacking Giant, etc.) as OP, ED, BGM soundtracks. The famous animator, animation supervisor, and mechanical setting engineer [Big Zhang Zhengji] (representative works: Ji Feihuang, Super Robot Wars, Gundam Build Fighters, Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans, and other animations) are responsible for mecha design and PV animation supervision.

[Unique operation battle real-time calculation]
With an exclusive real-time combat system, you can fight at your fingertips as you like! From a subtle inertial system to a refreshing full- ammunition shooting, from avoiding fatal damage to predicting a fatal blow to the enemy, let the commanders feel like they are in the ever-changing battlefield, you can lead the team Strategic combat, you can also fight alone, flexible operation gives you a different combat experience!

[Random combination of man and machine exceeds 10,000 possibilities]
Break inertial thinking! Free combination of over 500 mechas & characters. A variety of cool humanoid mechas and character pilots with diverse skins are put on the battlefield, making the battle effect very different. There are more than one hundred thousand possible combinations! Palaces, fortresses, deserts, seas… various battle scenes seamlessly switch according to the plot, siege the city, destroy the dead, and feel the cruelty and passion of war!

[Various game modes: Hearty Legion confrontation]
The plot is not enough to play? Hum, we also have many game modes such as battlefield quiz, unmatched mecha, rocket backpack, racing racing, mobile card, etc., only unexpected, not impossible! In order to let everyone more intuitively feel the measurable confrontation of mecha, we are even more A large-scale conflict has been opened! The battle is on the verge, are you ready?

【Hundreds of pilots, free replacement of individual skin】
There are more than one hundred pilots in the game. Not only is the personality unique, but also a variety of vertical painting skins can be replaced freely! The unique BGM system will get a unique BGM experience when changing different vertical painting skins. The unique friend system, the unique daily “touch” assistance function, allows you to intimately contact the pilots’ bodies, making it impossible!

[Luxury Sino-Japanese seiyuu all-star production lineup]
A famous painter from China, Japan and South Korea participated in the production, and the famous Japanese and Japanese seiyuu contributed to the show! Yumiyaten, Anji Zhijia, Ikeda Hideyoshi, Ishikawa Yui, Inoue Marina, Uesaka Violet, Uchida Mayori, Oishi Saori, Kokura Yui, Mao Yeai Yi, Kawasumi Ayako, Kitamura Eri, Nagiya Rie, Zi’an Takeshi, Oto Chiwa, Sakura Ayaka, Sugita Tomokazu, Suzumura Kenichi, Chiba Musai, Takeda Ayana, Tamura Yukari, Higashiyama Nao, Tosatsu Haruka, Nagato Maria, Nakamura Yuichi, Noto Mamiko, Hanazawa Coriander, Hayami Saori, Fukumoto Misato, Fukuhara Ayaka, Fujita Akane, Horie Yui, Mizuki Nana, Anno Kino, Yuki Bi, Yukana, etc., together form an all-star bilingual seiyuu with more than 100 people line-up.

【World View】
Once the world was transformed into a sea of ​​fire by a war, the disaster was caused by the 12 strongest armored knights known as “giant soldiers”. After hundreds of years, the war of destroying the world has become a legend. Those who once destroyed the world Colossus is gradually forgotten. When the world is about to forget everything, the birth of “BM” (abbreviation of “BattleMech”) has made various forces active in the dark, trying to ignite war soldiers, mercenaries, and bounty hunters in the world… Go to the battlefield. The legend of the drivers of the Iron Giant is about to begin!

Official website address: http://tc.ironsaga.com
Discord address: https://discord.gg/evq9ANF

Principality of the game, seize the moment of leisure
We are committed to creating a better gaming experience
Seize the free time


App Information of 機動戰隊 Iron Saga - 繁體版

App Name 機動戰隊 Iron Saga - 繁體版
Package Name com.gameduchy.jdzd.tw
Version 2.33.5
Rating 10.0 ( 2373 )
Size 1.2 GB
Requirement Android 5.0+
Updated 2021-02-09
Installs 100,000+
Category Games, Strategy

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