Coco’s Coin Dozer APK MOD (UNLOCK/Unlimited Money) Download

Coco’s Coin Dozer APK MOD (UNLOCK/Unlimited Money) Download

Description of Coco's Coin Dozer

Coco’s Coin Dozer APK MOD (UNLOCK/Unlimited Money) DownloadA coin dozer game filled with never-before-seen tricks!
Work together with Coco, the cat-eared girl, and aim to collect 1 million coins!

◆ Reels ◆
The reels will activate when a coin you’ve inserted finds its way into the box at the front. Match up the reels and have a prize pop out from within the shrine. The “Bell” gives you 15 coins, the “Lucky Mallet” gives you an item capsule, the “Purple Soul Stone” gives you 2x Purple Soul Stones, and When “777” aligns the bell will be constantly hit for a certain amount of time.

◆ Items ◆
A total of 115 items can be found in the capsules!
These items can be sold, used to upgrade Coco, or fill up Coco’s belly. Some items even have special effects!

◆ Skills ◆
There are 3 different skills. Walls (rails) can be put up to stop coins falling off the sides of the machine, a Pusher can be brought out to the front, and you can also have Coco kick the the Coin Dozer Machine.

Walls and Pushers can be purchased using Purple Soul Stones.
Coco’s Kick can be activated when the “Kick Energy” gauge reaches 100%. The gauge gradually replenishes with every inserted coin. You can also completely refill it with drink items.

◆ Six Lucky Calendar Days(六曜,Rokuyo) ◆
The Lucky Calendar will be flipped when a certain number of coins have been inserted. The Calendar Day has an effect on how the Coin Dozer Machine works.
– Early luck(先勝,Sensho) ・・・High chance of the inserted coin becoming a 2x coin.
– Friend day(友引,Tomobiki) ・・・ All matched prizes that come out are doubled (including 777).
– Tough luck(先負,Senpu) ・・・ All inserted coins are fixed at 1x (normally 2x and 5x coins appear at random).
– Bad luck(仏滅,Butsumetsu) ・・・ A mysterious force seals up Coco’s Kick.
– Max luck(大安,Taian) ・・・ Money box increases in size.
– Terrible Luck(赤口,Syakko) ・・・ Money box decreases in size.

Coco’s Kick can be upgraded using weapon items! You can also collect a large amount of coins at once by increasing its power.

◆ Home Screen ◆
Coco’s red hunger gauge will gradually decrease as you insert coins. You will be forced back to the Home Screen (rest screen) if it becomes completely empty. You will need to replenish it beforehand using food items to keep playing in succession.

You can view play data with Coco or have fun with Coco on the Home Screen (rest screen).
Coco’s hunger gauge will be completely replenished when you return to this screen, however, the Coin Dozer Machine will be reset to its default state. Make sure you use food items to keep the hunger gauge filled or have some Purple Soul Stones on hand for when you’re having a good run.

◆ Shop ◆
You can buy some skills and items using Purple Soul Stones at the shop. Visit the shop to quickly stock up on food, drink, and weapon items.

◆ Coin Acquisition Combos ◆
The number of coins acquired in succession will continue to rise and be displayed as you gather coins. Use skills and items to possibly get 1000 coins in succession!

◆ Other ◆
Something might happen if you meet certain conditions…?

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App Information of Coco's Coin Dozer

App Name Coco's Coin Dozer v2.1.1.1
Genre Action, Games
Latest Version2.1.1.1
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